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Thread: Ribbons/Prizes

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    For those of you who compete in OB/Rally... and I suppose Agility is the same...

    Will you pick shows that offer nice rosettes and prizes vs. plain old ribbons? Especially when you have a title coming up?

    If I do Maddy and Jed at the next few shows, we'll be done with their titles. But all the shows coming up don't do anything special....just flat strip ribbons.

    There is a show in the beginning of September that will do both rosettes for placements and title rosettes. I am torn about waiting! I'd have to put them on hold for 4 more months just for a fancy ribbon? I'd also miss the cut-off for our Kennel Club's awards, though of course I could submit the titles next year...but I would only have one thing for this year (Jack's CGC from last summer).

    Should I get it done or wait?

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    I don't show enough to think about what the title ribbons look like - and titles are going to be few and far between now but I can't say I even thought about it til you asked
    I say go for it but I don't do much with my ribbons honestly

    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” H. Keller

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    While it's nice to get those pretty ribbons, I can't say that I would go, or not go to a show because of them. I must admit that I did look to see what the show was giving away when Emilu and I got our RAE title. But I must also admit, that I have 5 years of those ribbons stuffed in a box right now, and haven't done anything special with them.

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    I really do like it when the show offers those titling ribbons etc. But I'd probably go for the earlier shows and get their titles, especially if it is 4 months to wait. If they were within a few weeks or a month I would probably wait AND tell the show offering the special items how much I appreciate them going to that extra effort etc. I guess I never count my Q's before they happen, and always keep in the back of my mind that even if we did show at the earlier shows, it may be until the later shows with the special items before we qualify!

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    I wouldn't wait 4 months for nicer ribbons. There is one training center that gives out really nice rosettes for titles and I do know one lady who really tries to finish there because of that, but I wouldn't, personally.

    Ann & Miles
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