How far Zeke has come!
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Thread: How far Zeke has come!

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    DefaultHow far Zeke has come!

    This isn't directly related to competitive training, but I have a video of Zeke that I wanted to share. He's come so far!

    Background info: he was dumped over our fence as a puppy and has had issues with confidence and trust ever since. He was socialized more than any dog I've had in the past. However, until he was nearly 3 he would not allow strangers near him and would stand back 15ft with his hackles up growling and backing away. He has never been a fan of physical contact and petting - even from me. I think the first time I saw him wag his tail when I was walking up to him he was probably over 3 years old. The first belly rub came when he was about 6 years old. He used to flip around if you touched his body unexpectedly because he couldn't trust what you were doing - bad part of that is that his snout would generally slam into your hand and if you didn't know what was up it looked a bit like a bite. He's also never been big on anyone touching his head or collar (he's now past that too .

    So now with his 8th birthday approaching? He's come a long long way! You would have had to see him as a 1 year-old to really understand how big a change it is....but the video shows pretty well.

    The sound is not interesting unless you want to hear me trying to make my voice higher-pitched and exciting for Zeke.
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    if you never mentioned his past history i would have never guessed in a million years he had issues with people, petting, belly rubs, etc.
    You did great with him!!

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    Oh, what an awful video of you kicking your dog when he's down. Shame on you

    I'm teasing ya. Zeke looks so good for his age. He and Ruger are the same age!

    So glad you and he have developed such a good bond. What a lucky guy he is to have you.

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    Never would have guessed from that video. He is clearly enjoying his playtime with you and has no concerns about you touching him now.

    That's awesome!

    Ann & Miles
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    "Hartley" (DOB 7/21/2012) RN CGC CW-OB1

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    I'm thinking I might try showing him again now. We shall see....
    Zeke RN, agility miscreant and CGC failure

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