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    DefaultAgility Peeps Help with Class Time

    What's your guesstimate...

    I'm in the Novice classes with Remington.

    Show starts at 9:00 a.m. There is only one ring.

    Running order (low to high) is as follows....

    Excellent Standard 45 dogs
    Excellent JWW 47 dogs
    Open Standard 9 dogs
    Open JWW 5 dogs
    Novice Standard 7 dogs
    Novice JWW 6 dogs.

    What time do I need to be at the show?

    I'm guesstimating 11:30?


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    I always overestimate...

    I once guestimated and got there as we were walking!!! OOPS. Left the dog in the car, walked and then ran him.

    This is me underestimating - I'd say about 30min for exc std (45sec/dog), and then less, maybe 20 min for exc jww (30sec/dog) - but be aware it could move faster. Maybe 10min-15min for each course building (that's the most convoluted schedule ever...but very nice for exhibitors). Open is going to go super fast - maybe 30 min total from building to end...9 dogs and 5 dogs JWW take NO time at all.

    Ugh I'm horrible at this, but would rather show up early rather than late.

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    I am with EMA.

    I have a C-WAGS rally trial this weekend that starts at 9:00, but I we are in the 6th class! I am using AKC rally guidelines for course times but C-WAGS courses are much longer. The judges and stewards and people are much more casual so I my guesstimate is to be there at 1:00 but I bet the earliest I will get in the ring is 3!

    Ann & Miles
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    Linda - I agree with EMA. I usually figure 1 minute a dog in Standard and about 45 seconds a dog in JWW. Course changes will add some time to the planning. So based on run time only Excellent and Open would be done by about 10:30. Then add course change time - maybe 15 minutes each and then walk time. Open will all walk together - maybe two walk thrus in Exc - maybe not. 11:30am is cutting it a little close in my opinion because there are variables that are hard to estimate such as the absentee rate. I think 11am might be better. At the most you will be a little bit early. As you know, sometimes things move right along and sometimes it seems to go very slowly. The last trial I was in, the trial secretary sent out a very detailed schedule which was quite accurate and very helpful. I know its some Agility trial planning software program. Our club doesn't use it to my knowledge but maybe the sponsor of your trial does. Might be worth a question to the trial secretary to see what is being used to estimate class times. Betsy
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    I'm no good at figuring those things out either..I usually just get there early and watch the other we usually have a bunch of club members there anyway.

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    I'm figuring about 11:00 too. I need time to potty me and the dog, and let him walk around and get used to the place.

    It takes me a good two hours to get there, so we'll plan to leave as close to 9:00 as we can.

    Thanks all for the help!!

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