Flyer sometimes amazes me..
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Thread: Flyer sometimes amazes me..

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    DefaultFlyer sometimes amazes me..

    He picks things up so fast sometimes (although why he still insists on chewing up my stockings I'm not sure.LOL)...Flyer has been taught a 4-on for his contact performance which he does really well on the dog walk and on the teeter but he was having trouble holding it on a full size A-frame but he would try really rather than try and make him do something that was physically difficult I decided to change the performance for the A-frame..I thought doing a 2 on 2 off might confuse his other performance so after talking it over with our trainer we decided on a 4 on the floor for the to train it I decided to first to teach him to target inside a PVC square on the ground ... so we had only worked on that on 2 separate occasions when they decided that working on the A-frame would be part of I decided to put our PVC square and target out to see how he did and he did...............Perfectly..G*G*G*G*G* fact our trainer had us do it several times while the class watched so they could see how it was done...*G*.. He also got to demonstrate the rear cross tonight .. He was a good boy..*G*

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    What a good boy

    My trainer has a dog named Flyer, and I hate him, now I shall have a good conotation of the name Flyer!
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    Awesome. I personally like the 4 on the floor for contacts, it is much easier on a big dogs shoulders. However, I am training a 2 on 2 off. Go figure

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    Awww! What a good boy!!

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