Corneal Ulcers & Weave Poles... Proof??? (photo)
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Thread: Corneal Ulcers & Weave Poles... Proof??? (photo)

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    DefaultCorneal Ulcers & Weave Poles... Proof??? (photo)

    Remember last year Ruger got non-healing corneal ulcers in both his eyes and required micro surgery to get them fixed? Well it was mentioned that some dogs are getting these ulcers from weave poles. I really didn't think that was the case with Ruger as he doesn't weave fast and furiously... but then I saw this photo of him on a photographer's website and it just makes me wonder.... He was actually suffering from the ulcers in this photo, he had the surgery done shortly after this trial. All I can say is... Ouch!

    Uniwolf Photography

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    Very interesting!
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