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    TalkingGood News!!

    Some of you will remember the teeter incident we had at our last CPE trial. Friday, we had a private with my instructor to work on the teeter and rear crosses. Well, we started with the teeter at about 1/2 height with pads at the ends. He did it. Got treats, he continued to do it and even go to it on his own. We raisted it to full height. He took it. He now wants to take his time at the fulcrum. That's fine with me, in fact, I am pleased that he is figuring out that he can control it and where. Then we were working on rear crosses, and he went to the teeter on his own to take it. At the end of our session, we removed the pads and he took the teeter with no trouble. We also included it in some sequences, again no problem. He has just learned to pause at the fulcrum and let it drop and then move on.

    Now we just want to get him on some other teeters. He's fine with "his" teeter, now he needs to practice on some other teeters!

    I am really happy about this!

    Ann & Miles
    MACH ARCHEX "Miles" (DOB 3/10/2006) UD RAE MXS MJS OF CW-OB3 CW-ARF CW-AR CW-ZR2 CL-1 (DOB 3/10/2006)
    "Hartley" (DOB 7/21/2012) RN CGC CW-OB1

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    Great news. I was wondering how you were doing with that. Wylee is now back to two on and two off the contacts instead of the running contact. Doing very well.
    Good look at your obedience and looking forward to seeing you at some agility trials when your done. I may see you at an obedience trial if I decide to get her CD.

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    that's great..I acutally have teeter sucks my dogs love the teeter so much..Flyer was kind of off and on for a little day he would do it no prob and the next day wouldn't want to get on we would just go back to the bang game which he he seems to love it too.

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    That's great! Glad you guys were able to work it out

    Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. - Cree prophecy

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    thats awesome!

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