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    DefaultAKC - Time To Beat class

    I am signed up to run in the new AKC agility class, Time to Beat. It looks like it might be fun. The courses are designed to flow really well and be fast. It's a demo class only, so no Q's count, but it will be fun to learn how it works. The show is not until the last weekend in April.

    Anyone else doing T2B??

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    I haven't done it but they have demo'd it at a couple of trials I went to last year..people seemed to enjoy but I haven't really figured out the rules yet

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    Have fun!

    Ann & Miles
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    I haven't heard of it, but it sounds like fun! I think I would like a course that was laid out really easy and fast to run.

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    I've never heard of it either. Sounds like it could be fun though.
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