Video and Pic of our RAE run
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Thread: Video and Pic of our RAE run

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    DefaultVideo and Pic of our RAE run

    This is the first and only video that I have of Emilu and I performing together - it was very interesting for me to watch. This is the Rally Advanced B run - we got a 95 and 3rd place. After the jump, when we come towards the camera, and I turn around to head back, and Emilu kind of wanders off to the left of the screen - big white poodle outside the ring that she thought looked interesting! You can see that she basically doesn't look terribly happy out there.

    Here is our "title pic" with the judge.

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    Pat, that is very nice. I wouldn't say that she doesn't look happy out there. Her tail is wagging almost the whole time! She just wanted to visit the poodle. "Mom, I'll be there in a sec".


    I know that judge! He and his wife are very active in starting up C-WAGS and they also judge APDT rally. He's a great guy and not an easy judge BTW. He has Golden Retrievers and all his dogs are rescues. He was judging at the last APDT trial we attended. He likes to put the figure 8 out there with food bowls full of food. Well, you know how that is with a lab (and a golden for that matter). He told us in the walk through that it is perfectly acceptable for us to make an idiot out of ourselves going through the foodbowls. Whatever we have to do to make ourselves more interesting than those dishes, we ought to do. My husband plays a game with Miles every morning when packing his lunch. It is called "I forgot". He says "I forgot, does Miles like cheese? Let's find out". "I forgot, does Miles like turkey pastrami? Let's see" Obviously Miles loves this game. Well, that day, when we got to the food bowls, I start yelling "I forgot, does Miles like cheese?". We qaulified with a high enough score to get a double Q toward our ARCHEX and Russ thought it was one of the most amusing runs he'd seen in awhile. Having goldens at home, he knew how hard it was to get that dog past those bowls.

    Congratulations again!

    Ann & Miles
    MACH ARCHEX "Miles" (DOB 3/10/2006) UD RAE MXS MJS OF CW-OB3 CW-ARF CW-AR CW-ZR2 CL-1 (DOB 3/10/2006)
    "Hartley" (DOB 7/21/2012) RN CGC CW-OB1

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    You and Emilu did fantastic. I love how enthusiastic you both are. You must be so proud of your girl

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    Pat - I think you both look great and I see Emilu's tail wagging almost the entire way. Nice Pivot!!! Hurray for both of you. Betsy
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