new agility table rule?
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Thread: new agility table rule?

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    Defaultnew agility table rule?

    I was in conversation about new rules and someone was saying there is an new table rule? About not having to sit or down just be ON the table. Now I have check both UKC and AKC and cannot seem to find any rule.
    Anyone heard of this?

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    That sounds familiar, but I can't remember where I heard it. Maybe at class. Could be it's only in the talking stages, and that's why you couldn't find anything.

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    I found this at also read that AKC has changed the weaves to 24" spacing for 2010.

    Keep in mind these changes are not immediate. It will take 2 years for implementation of many of these changes. Stay tuned for current updates as we hear about them.

    Rules Changes:

    1. Position-less table – count/time starts once all four paws have touched the table (and the dog remains on the table top). Neither a sit nor a down position is required.

    2. Clubs may offer full refunds to exhibitors who have to cancel, after the trial has closed, but prior to the date of the trial, provided the club can fill any canceled entries from the wait list.

    3. If a dog is officially measured by a VMO or Agility Field Rep for a jump height card and that measurement places the dog into a lower jump height class, entrants in the Regular classes may move down effective immediately.
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    It is my understanding (not that I can find it on the website) that is was a proposed change but hadn't been voted on yet

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