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    It's kinda sad for me... knowing my lovely Magnum, who could do anything I asked of her and placed consistently in everything we did... is retired.

    It's kinda sad for me... knowing Ruger ain't a kick in the @ss away from retirement either. I want to finish his RAE and then I believe that's it for Obedience with him (we have one Utility leg, but he has lost the will to do it, and I can't see pushing him when he really isn't enjoying it anymore). We might do a bit more agility, but he is no longer fast enough to get Excellent legs... he's just slowing down, and so am I.

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    That's the hardest thing about dogs. Their lives are so short and it seems they become senior citizens so soon.

    My dog is going to be 4 soon. He's still young, but I keep thinking of a puppy but then I realize that I've worked so hard to get Miles where he is now, that I should enjoy him and the fruits of our hard work for a few years before getting that puppy. A puppy would just take too much of my time away from him.

    So it sounds like it is time to enjoy the older guys and focus your training and competing on Remington. It is still sad though. These guys just own our hearts, don't they?

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