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    DefaultTook the litle boys

    out to the agility arena today..due to weather, holidays and laziness its the first time we have been out in weeks..when we first got there I was the only one there so I let everyone loose to just run around for a few minutes..Flyer (poodle) grabbed his leash and started running from one end to the other..*G*..Cedar (ruby cav) followed him and Robbie (blenheim cav) was running around sniffing on his own..*G*..shortly after a few more people came so I had to gather them up but then everybody got 2 turns out in the arena..we just did some easy sequences since its been so long..but everyone had a lot of fun..

    It looks like Flyer is going to be a 16 inch dog so I tried working him at 16 and he isn't going to have any problems..LOL..both the cavs are 12 inches so I really didn't want another 12 inch dog but since he is going to be a the low end of 16 I was really hoping he wouldn't reach 16 but oh well..

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    Sounds like you had fun.

    Ann & Miles
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