I ran 3 agility dogs tonight
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Thread: I ran 3 agility dogs tonight

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    DefaultI ran 3 agility dogs tonight

    Granted not doing much running with Flyer as he is just in a beginning class to learn some equipment tonight he learned about the table (I get on a table and I get a treat..weeeeeee), we went over a bar on the ground and through a held open chute and played the bang it game with the teeter...wooohooo...He's a little star...he's a lot younger than everyone else in class and most of them have been through class before so he isn't doing quite as much as they are or as many reps but he is learning about agility..

    Then Robbie and Cedar are in the same competition class..luckily there is 1 other 12 inch dog so I get just a bit of a breather between runs..and then we have 3 8 inchers and 1 4 incher..This is Cedar's first time in the competition class and he did very good..tho we still need some weave pole work..Robbie after some initial running around settled down and had several good runs.. All in all a good night but boy am I pooped

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    DefaultRe: I ran 3 agility dogs tonight

    Way to go, Cedar, Robbie and Flyer! It's soo much fun watching puppers learn, isn't it?

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    DefaultRe: I ran 3 agility dogs tonight

    I bet you're pooped! Wow! Sounds fun though!
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