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Thread: Nervousness!!

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    So I know it can be normal for raw eater to vomit a little in the beginning and some bone here and there if swallowed too big but Onyx ate her RMB yesterday morning at 7ish and then at 5:30ish had the meat meal which consisted of Chicken breasts and first time with chicken hearts and gizzards. Sometime in the middle of the night between 10:30 and 6 she vomited. This morning in her kennel there was just slime in the front of her kennel where there is like 6 inches of no bedding and her water bowl is and then on her bed there was 4-5 pieces of the chicken hearts and gizzards, which appeared to be unchewed and whole. It seems as though she threw up and then re-ate it but didn't seem to like the hearts and gizzards so she just licked them clean and left them. Should I maybe try to cut up the gizzards and hearts a little more??

    So then this morning we went for walk and she didn't poop and then I fed her the RMB and a little breast meat and a few hearts and gizzards. Then when I took her out before I left for work, she pooped, but it was different. Just skinnier, not real skinny, but just not the real big poop. I know raw eaters poop less and the poop is little. I don't know, I think I am just over analyzing everything and everything is making me worried that something is wrong.

    I guess I will just keep going and see what happens. I hope this nervousness goes away soon!!

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    DefaultRe: Nervousness!!

    I wouldn't be worried.

    The nervousness will go away eventually, no worries. Just takes some time.

    Trust me, after awhile you'll wonder why it took you so long to start feeding raw, and what you were ever worried about.
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