My raw experience so far
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    DefaultMy raw experience so far

    For anyone who may be interested, I thought I would post my "raw results" after approximately three weeks.

    Dog #1 - 6 y/o yf - this dog wasn't having a lot of trouble on kibble, so no big changes seen yet, but it's possible that she is a little perkier than usual. She is, however, going to the vet tomorrow for a work-up since I don't think she's feeling up to par. Had a litter of puppies over the summer and hasn't really bounced back yet.

    Dog #2 - 5 y/o bf - this is my dog that has recently been diagnosed with possible Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She was on a limited ingredient kibble that seemed to work well for a while but after about six weeks on the kibble she was back to square one. So far she seems to be doing really well on the raw. Stomach is good, energy seems improved, and her coat has improved dramatically. I didn't think her coat was bad before but it had nowhere near the shine it has now.

    Dog #3 - almost 4 y/o bf field bred - This dog has had the most dramatic change of all. I got her last February, and have tried pretty much every dog food out there with lousy results. She would tend to have very large poops that were often loose and were very often frank diarrhea. From the minute I put her on raw her poops have been great. Small, formed poops are now the norm with her - something I had never seen with her before. I'm telling you - she went from pony sized poops to cat sized poops. Sure makes yard clean up better. Also, her coat is fabulous - it looks like black glass. She looks like the very picture of robust good health.

    Dog #4 - 5 month old puppy. I haven't changed her diet too much yet. I am giving her a little bit of raw chicken occasionally, and a little bit of Honest Kitchen mix with kibble, but she's still mostly on the kibble that she's been on since babyhood. I have to admit that I'm afraid to change her too soon for fear of orthopedic issues as she grows. So far I haven't really gotten my nerve up.

    As you can see, my results are varied but I haven't seen any changes that I haven't liked. I will never feed that field dog kibble again - her results are that dramatic.

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    DefaultRe: My raw experience so far

    Now is the most important time to get that baby on raw
    I've grown lots of puppies on it and never failed clearances. I've grown them on everything from 80% RMB to 40% RMB and they all passed. It's not the exact science the kibble manufacturers would have you believe.
    Congrats on switching the others.

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    DefaultRe: My raw experience so far

    Great results! And FWIW, I agree with the above, the sooner the better.
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