I just want to share a story about dog food.

I have a chocolate lab named Tommy. When he was a puppy he had a very bad skin problem. He had patches of his coat missing.

We went to the vet to try and solve it. I don't want to bore you with the details but after about $2000 dollars, 3 vets, 3 skin scrapings, two biopsies, 4 different types of dog food Tommy never got better.

We stopped trying to help him

One day a family friend suggested this dog food called life's abundance. The cost was the same as dog food in the grocery store and it was delivered to the house. We decided to try it being we have done just about everything else.

Within two weeks all of his patches were grown back and he was completely healthy

Apparently he had a food allergy. To what? I don't know.

But if anyone needs an alternative to grocery food check out: http://www.trilogyonline.com