Going Green Dog Cuisine!

Well we did it. In order to keep overhead low and keep Steve's semi-retired status, we are now partners. I take care of orders and paperwork he and Bill fill the orders. You can email all your questions and requests and orders to [email protected] .

You will be invoiced with Paypal and make payments securely with this service.

Right now we are offering both a ground and un-ground product if you wish. With and without ground bones.
Our green tripe mix will include the following:
Green Tripe with Spleen
(ground bone in the ground bone mix)
Muscle Meat

For orders over 50lbs we will offer up to 8 lbs. of FREE RMB's (raw meaty bones).

We will do special orders of ground or unground individual product of the ingredients listed above as well.

Tripe with spleen $.70 per lb
Tripe without spleen $.70 per lb
Heart $2.00 lb
Liver $.70 per lb
Lungs $.70 per lb
Tongue $.75 per lb
Muscle Meat $.65 per lb
Raw Meaty Bones $.35 per lb

We can also offer hooves,pig ears and will be offering ground and whole rabbit after the first of the year.

Shipping is available as well as pickup and delivery (delivery will be restricted to limited areas, please call for more information).

Shipping will be calcualted using one of the 4 most common and affordable shippers, price quotes will be given for comparison based on your zipcode.

Orders will be shipped the day they are recieved.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you,
Bill and Tina Powe
Going Green, Dog Cuisine
Chehalis, Washington
Email: [email protected]