Ground Tripe Mix for $.70 cents per lb.
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Thread: Ground Tripe Mix for $.70 cents per lb.

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    DefaultGround Tripe Mix for $.70 cents per lb.

    Consider this a "poll" of sorts I guess.
    I know price was a big factor when making our decision to feed raw, in addition to our own dogs we also rescue.
    I know of someone who is working on deal and was telling me that they could offer a breeders program for those with over 6 dogs a raw mix of (beef) green tripe with spleen,heart,lung,liver and kidney with muscle meat and occasional tongue. All from human grade beef. He said he doesn't know how many people would be interested so I thought I would ask here to find out how many of you would be interested. He is also going to offer ground rabbit,(I don't know what the price would be for that yet) but not until after the first of the year.
    His raw mix, he says, he can offer for .70 cents per pound. I do not know if this will be limited to the first customers or what he really has in mind. I know you can't find it anywhere else for what he is thinking about charging, he says that with the economy the way it is people need to help each other. He is a great friend of mine, and a true dog person at heart. His facility is nice,he already has the building and the equipment (retired butcher). So what do you think? I would like to help spread the word and maybe get some customers his way.

    I have posted this a couple of places and getting some positive feeback. I will be partnering with a gentleman (retired butcher) who has the facilities and equipment necessary. He will be offering rabbit but not until after the first of the year. I do not know about chicken yet. However, this is just an added income for him and as I have been feeding his formula for over a year, I asked him to come on board to offer the same deal I was getting to others. This is a licensed business, all of his equipment is stainless steel and he sanitizes after each processing, I know because I help him. His place is nice, nothing fancy but clean (cleaner than my home kitchen... :embarrass lol
    I talked with him today after getting some input from a couple of the places I have posted and while he can offer a few variations, this is not intended to become a large operation. He wants to keep it "country market style". He will only accept a limited number of new clients, and for those that get on his client list this is a great opportunity to get a great tripe mix really affordable. His product is fresh, he gets it daily just hours after the beef is slaughtered. It is delivered to his facility where it is hung and cleaned twice. It then goes into a chilled room to 40 degrees where it is cut and ground (depending on the order). It is then put into a stuffer and bagged. From there it goes into a commercial freezer until purchase.
    Right now he can offer a ground mix of green tripe with spleen,heart,lung,liver,tongue and kidney in packages of 1lb , 2lb, 3lb, or 5lb. for .70 cents per pound. You can also get just the ingredients seperatley for the same price. He can provide both a ground and unground product. For a time, I am not sure how long, for orders over 50lb he will include some RMB's for no extra charge. He will ship and I can get quotes for you for your zip code compared with the 3 majors shippers, DHL, UPS and Fed Ex.
    If anyone is interested or has questions feel free to let me know.

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    DefaultRe: Ground Tripe Mix for $.70 cents per lb.

    I forgot to mention, he will offer the formula with both ground bones in the mix and without (he already has a client that purchases the mix without bones).


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    DefaultRe: Ground Tripe Mix for $.70 cents per lb.

    I'm wondering why he would have a min. # of dogs for a program like that. I mean, it's more about quantity to equal out his cost and make it worth doing, so why not just make a minimum order amount? That way you wouldn't be excluding those who maybe don't have a lot of dogs, but have the freezer space to buy in bulk. Does that make sense?
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    DefaultRe: Ground Tripe Mix for $.70 cents per lb.

    Hello, Yes you are correct. My error,oops. When we were talking about it he mentioned that it would be a great savings for folks like me who buy alot of raw. Never mind the 6+ dogs. He used the term to generalize the bulk theory. The price is open to anyone regardless of how many dogs or how many pounds you purchase.
    Thanks for asking!

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    DefaultRe: Ground Tripe Mix for $.70 cents per lb.


    Going Green Dog Cuisine!

    Well we did it. In order to keep overhead low and keep Steve's semi-retired status, we are now partners. I take care of orders and paperwork he and Bill fill the orders. You can email all your questions and requests and orders to [email protected] .

    You will be invoiced with Paypal and make payments securely with this service.

    Right now we are offering both a ground and un-ground product if you wish. With and without ground bones.
    Our green tripe mix will include the following:
    Green Tripe with Spleen
    (ground bone in the ground bone mix)
    Muscle Meat

    For orders over 50lbs we will offer up to 8 lbs. of FREE RMB's (raw meaty bones).

    We will do special orders of ground or unground individual product of the ingredients listed above as well.

    Tripe with spleen $.70 per lb
    Tripe without spleen $.70 per lb
    Heart $2.00 lb
    Liver $.70 per lb
    Lungs $.70 per lb
    Tongue $.75 per lb
    Muscle Meat $.65 per lb
    Raw Meaty Bones $.35 per lb

    We can also offer hooves,pig ears and will be offering ground and whole rabbit after the first of the year.

    Shipping is available as well as pickup and delivery (delivery will be restricted to limited areas, please call for more information).

    Shipping will be calcualted using one of the 4 most common and affordable shippers, price quotes will be given for comparison based on your zipcode.

    Orders will be shipped the day they are recieved.

    Thanks and we look forward to working with you,
    Bill and Tina Powe
    Going Green, Dog Cuisine
    Chehalis, Washington
    Email: [email protected]


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