What to worm with on RAW?
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Thread: What to worm with on RAW?

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    DefaultWhat to worm with on RAW?

    Hello, my dogs are completely 100% RAW. (Tripe,organs and muscle meat, and RMB'S) It is time to worm and from what I have heard a more complete wormer is needed. What do you recommend?
    We feed RAW, as I am able to get it from my local slaughter house as the beef comes in. I clean and process and then freeze/thaw out before feeding. It's time to worm and a recommendation for a good wormer is appreciated.

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    DefaultRe: What to worm with on RAW?

    Does your dog have a positive fecal? Are there worms present? I haven't wormed a dog in ten years and my raw fed dogs and the puppies I've raised here have never had a positive fecal. If your dog is healthy (and a proper diet is a big part of that), you worm less often, not more often
    Somebody else may recommend a product but I don't use chemicals or pesticides in my dogs unless there is a darned good reason!!

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