Anyone who has read my posts here in the past know I detest ticks. So I have been trying to be proactive in catching them early, we have had a terrible year w/ them. I literally have pulled off 30 of them this season, a couple attached and most of them crawling.

We did a forest hike on Thursday and I sprayed her w/ Neem which had been working, no ticks found after using this spray. I did not find any ticks after the hike; I inspect her ears, belly and underneath the folds of her legs... leg-pits. But today I was rubbing her down to her skin b/c I have recently watched her biting her front legs between her wrist and elbow. I had found several small bumps, like bug bites on us. I got out the flea and tick brush and began brushing her back, and w/in 5 strokes I found three tiny ticks, size of a pin-head. I don't believe they were attached. But this has me concerned of course. I had to leave for work and could not give a full brushing. I will tackle this tonight. She is 7.5 months old. I don't use anything that is not 100% natural from member's recommendations here. But I am lost in how to proceed. I don't think she has fleas as she sleeps in my bed w/ me and I don't have any bites, however maybe they like her more than me and have not ventured off her due to the bumps on her legs and also on her hind legs.

(I am going to post this in the health section too as most of my compatriots here don't venture out of the raw feeding section).

As always I am grateful for the assistance from everyone here.