Gauge update, and question
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Thread: Gauge update, and question

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    DefaultGauge update, and question

    Welp, after 3 months of homecooking (aka pain in the butt)...and some kibble ahem ...some homeopathic remedies...we are back on full raw! Last week was half raw, half cooked ground beef and the last 3 days have been full raw ground beef/lamb mix and a half cornish hen for the some chicken liver. Stools are firm (see below), not mucousy like before which was happening ALL the I am really excited so far. Cross your fingers for us and hope Gauge does much better this time around!!!

    However my question, last week on half raw, and especially now on full raw with RMB's, Gauge has been constipated. Any remedies? Should I feed more organ meat? Or would tripe help? Is that considered organ meat?


    Edited to add: He IS going's just coming out really slow...seems like he's, I don't want to say straining, but definately having to work to get it out.

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    DefaultRe: Gauge update, and question

    I guess I don't worry about that anymore. I figure if they have to strain, it helps keep anal glands expressed and so far I haven't had a problem with that. I just try to feed as much of the whole carcass over time and everything else takes care of itself.

    There are some raw feeders who try to feed enough bone to keep stools comfortably firm but not so much as to produce a constipated dog. They do this through trial and error.

    Yes, you can treat tripe as a meat meal and it would help with the constipation you describe.


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