Nutritional Analysis of Raw Foods
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Thread: Nutritional Analysis of Raw Foods

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    DefaultNutritional Analysis of Raw Foods

    Who posted the website (and what was the address again) who had the nutritional analysis of various raw foods? Maybe one of the "powers that be" can sticky this at the top of this section?

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    DefaultRe: Nutritional Analysis of Raw Foods

    I dunno if this is what you are talking about but here is something you can use, I run a ferret forum and website that teaches people how to raw feed their ferrets. This is some of my info on my website:

    Nutrients in Dried Eggshell:

    Bone Content in Various Chicken Parts:

    Vitamin A Content in Various Animal Livers:

    Nutrient Composition of Whole Chicken Carcass:

    The link below can be used to look up the nutritional values of various raw foods. Be sure that you are looking at the nutritional data of the RAW version of the food. Nutrient values of the cooked version of the same food are also available.

    Hope this helps!
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