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Thread: A question about titers...

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    DefaultA question about titers...

    Henery is going to get titered this year for distemper and parvo.

    Do I want the "regular" titer, which just apparently tells you whether you should vaccinate or not or (ie whether or not the level of circulating antibodies is high or low), ask for an "end-point titer", which would give the actual number to circulating antibodies??

    Are there any downsides to titering other than (these are the ones I can think of):
    1. getting a false negative, thinking there is not enough circulating antibodies when there actually is, and vaccinating
    2. not all kennels/boarding facilities/daycares recognize titers (not an issue since I have plenty of Henery-sitters! ); Henry's obedience school does, so that's not an issue.


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    DefaultRe: A question about titers...

    We've just been doing the "regular" titers on Trip and Tasha. They haven't been vaccinated in three years and a few weeks ago their titers for distemper and parvo came back positive--both still have lots of immunity. I keep them up-to-date on rabies because we often cross the border when we go on vacation.

    I guess I have the same concerns as you do about titers. Not everyone accepts titers, but that has been changing for the better in the last few years.
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    DefaultRe: A question about titers...

    I, too, would just do the "regular" titers. At least if those titers are good, you know he's probably pretty well-protected.

    If they aren't good, it doesn't mean though, as you noted, that they *aren't* protected, because they could still have GREAT immunity. It would just be "in-hiding" in the body until stimulated, rather than "in-circulation" which is what you get with a blood sample. Just a little confusing, I know. LOL

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    DefaultRe: A question about titers...

    I work for a holitsic vet and we have been doing titers for 10 yrs on everyone and have had to booster the D-P vac maybe a hand full of times. As for the kennel if you are armed with info and your vet backing you will be fine. All the kennels in our area know what titers are now.


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