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Thread: newbie question about what type of food

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    hello there i am slowly warming up to this forum. my question is i am pretty much lost on what kind of food to feed my pup. i have read somewhere that what ever food i feed him that it only contain 1.8 percent of calcium or less. i really want my dog to be strong and have huge muscles, but if he doesnt he will still be the most important thing in my life. i saw this dog once when i was younger and wow he was like a linebacker doggie, but the sweetest goofiest thing. i was wondering how much food to feed him and if i should some how get more protein in his diet by means of turkey chicken beef or something. i have no idea what holistic care is and would love to fine out what it is. i am feeding an 8 week old pup! thanks!!!

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    DefaultRe: newbie question about what type of food


    Check out Dana's (FallRiver) website:

    Dana's a lab breeder who has been feeding raw for many years and has a good sample menu on her website to start pups on a raw diet. A species appropriate raw diet (such as Dana's) is a simple and easy way to provide the optimum nutrition for lab pups. You don't need to worry about supplements and calcium ratios when feeding this type of diet - nutrients are supplied in the right proportions as nature intended.

    Search through older posts in this section to find out about holistic care. Good links are provided in many of these threads.

    Good luck. Do some basic research and please feel free to post any specific questions that you may have.

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    DefaultRe: newbie question about what type of food

    newbie-I am not one to promote dog food but I have been feeding both my guys Wellness brand since pups. They have beautiful coats and my vet is happy. I haven't had any, excuse the term, "fart" problems except when they get something they aren't suppose to have, ie a daughter feeding them cookies and milk. But overall it is a little bit more and can't be found at a grocery store but it is all natural with no fillers or nasty junk.

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    DefaultRe: newbie question about what type of food

    I have one of Dana's (Fallriver's) puppies and he is second generation weaned to raw. That is all he has known and is doing wonderful! She does have a lot of resources on her website.
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    DefaultRe: newbie question about what type of food

    I'd also like to add that unless you feed him VERY poor quality food, he will grow to his genetic potential and that is it. You can't put more substance on him than his genes will allow. My dogs have better neck and shoulder muscles than a lot of kibble fed dogs and that does come from stripping meat off bones

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    DefaultRe: newbie question about what type of food

    This is a subject that I have been looking into for about 3 weeks now and have since changed Hugoís diet. I was only giving him Dry Dog food twice a day and it must have been boring for him. Then thinking about what goes into dog food I looked into it, my wife sets a good example on this in the way that she feeds our son Steven, she will not let him have much with E colourings and preservatives in.

    After reading labels I tried to avoid anything with all the rubbish but easier said than done so still working on that one. I now give him his dry food in the morning and what I make him in the evening which is

    Chicken ,Turkey, Trout or white fish for verity

    Green Bean, carrot and lettuce.

    Mixed in with just mixer (looking into making our own)

    Iím looking to add more stuff to help with nutrients but as I said still looking into it and this post has given me more to look into. The result is a more content pup (11 months), he has calmed down a bit as in not running round like a lunatic but playing nicely. People always comment on his well-being itís the best thing I have done and I aim to only feed him the dry food 3 mornings a week.

    Good luck it will be worth it

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    DefaultRe: newbie question about what type of food

    hi my golden retriever and chihuahua get hills science diet light adult with beef or chicken mince mixed in, my labrador puppy will be getting hills science diet puppy food with beef or chicken mince, Right now my lab puppy will be getting in the morning supercoat puppy food,lunch a chicken wing,dinner supercoat puppy food and mince. The golden and chihuahua get an raw egg put into there meal once a week and so will the lab puppy. My golden and chihuahua have only been on hills science diet since last thursday so 5 days, I haven't noticed a change yet probably still too early.The only dog food we can get around here is hills science diet,advance,Iams and Eukanuba.


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