Dale ate liver!!!!
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Thread: Dale ate liver!!!!

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    JustineNYC Guest

    DefaultDale ate liver!!!!

    Im so happy! I mixed liver up with his ground beef meal tonight, threw some chicken backs in there, and ta-da!!! He ate liver for the first time instead of separating it and spitting it out on the floor!

    I have absolutely no idea what hes getting from the liver but Im pleased he ate it

    Now if I could find how to disguise fish :snore:

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    DefaultRe: Dale ate liver!!!!

    For the longest time Caleb did that every time I fed him liver! It would really be messy if we were in a hotel! I happened to mention it to my holistic DVM and she asked where I got the liver. Siince the liver is the filtering system of the body if the animal was fed, let's say, not the best feed the liver is where it would show up first. She suggested that I try organic raised beef liver and when I did he ate it! Now if I just go to the grocery store and get some he won't so I have to get it from either the health food store in my area or from Hare Today.
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    DefaultRe: Dale ate liver!!!!

    Chance doesn't like it either. I usually put the liver, gizzards, hearts in a blender and "make gravy" for him. He loves it that way! :whatever: I think its the texture.

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    DefaultRe: Dale ate liver!!!!

    Yay Dale!!

    I think I was lucky in that both my dogs are such piglets they inhale first and think later. Neither of them has ever so much as hesitated to gobble down anything I've given them. I swear I could feed them sand and legos and they would inhale that too. :whatever:
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