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    JustineNYC Guest

    DefaultHow important is variety

    in a raw diet? My friend was watching me prepare the dogs breakfast this morning and she was asking what would happen if they didnt get the hearts and liver, or turkey and they only got fed chicken.......and I didnt have an answer for her LOL

    What is the difference or benefits of incorporating fish/turkey/tripe/hearts/gizzards as oppose to feeding different parts of chicken everyday?

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    jlab Guest

    DefaultRe: How important is variety

    It depends on the prey source. If you were feeding only elk carcass that grazed in pristine areas, then variety would not be important. However, because we only have access to commercially raised prey that have nutritional difficiencies, injected growth hormones and toxins not present in wild prey, a variety of parts from a variety of animals will help compensate for these difficiencies and mitigate the effects of growth hormones and toxins.

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    DefaultRe: How important is variety

    Not all meats are made the same. For example, a chicken only diet might hypothetically create an iron deficiency as red meats are much higher in iron. Chicken however, contains vitamins A and C whereas red meats only have trace amounts. The fatty acid content between meats can be vastly different, as well as magnesium, zinc, selenium, etc.

    More importantly, proteins are not all created equally. Proteins are long chains of amino acids and it is important that we get enough of each amino acid. For example, beef has double the amount of Lysine than chicken. Inadequate lysine consumption can cause growth problems, reproductive problems and kidney disease.

    We found out very quickly that amino acids are an important consideration when contemplating proteins when cat food manufacturers did not add enough of the amino acid taurine to grain based commerical cat foods. Cats started dropping from dilated cariomyopathy and were developing central retinal degeneration from the oversight. Nowadays, all cat foods have taurine added. Don't forget that grains can provide proteins too, but they are an inferior choice because as we discovered with the cats, they are incomplete in their amino acid content.

    By supplying a variety of proteins, we are ensuring that our dogs are getting all of the important amino acids in their diets and creating a better chance of meeting their vitamin and mineral demands.

    Variety is very important IMO

    To err is human:To forgive, canine."
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    JustineNYC Guest

    DefaultRe: How important is variety

    Perfect! Thank you!


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