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Thread: Food Weight Findings / Stretching Your Budget

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    As I continue to try and stretch the dollar I am regularly analyzing what our food is costing. Because I am still limiting what I feed Tiegan w/ regards to fat and skin off the chicken it is amazing to me how much we pay for that gets thrown away.
    In looking for foods to train w/ for Tiegan, I use roasted chicken, ground beef, raw chicken, raw beef, and then a variety of dehydrated foods, mainly meats, chicken and one vegetable- sweet potato. Tonight though, after roasting a 4lb 2oz chicken and stripping away all the skin and bone and pulling only the meat, I ended up w/ 1lb 4oz of meat. So what went from .99lb for chicken on a 4lb chicken to $2.82 lb.
    I am going to rethink this and when not feeding a RMB meal and preparing chicken for training- its the only meat I cook, then I am going to compare skinless breast or thighs....
    Hope this helps anyone else managing their budgets....


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    DefaultRe: Food Weight Findings / Stretching Your Budget

    The only meat I will ever cook for training is if there is a sale on beef roasts. Other than that I use grain free treats, Cranz's Real Meat treats or bake my own. Another thing I will use for treats sometimes is string cheese or chicken hotdogs. Cooking chicken for training is way to expensive in my opinion.

    One way I save money on my doggie food bill is when the split chicken breasts are on sale, I get a bunch of them, take the meat off the bones for us and use the bones and meat that is left on the bones for Caleb. Abslolutely no waste of any type when I do that. It's wonderful!
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    DefaultRe: Food Weight Findings / Stretching Your Budget

    Great Idea! Thanks!
    I will have to start doing that. I agree, no waste.


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