Jaw Strength and Eating Bones?
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Thread: Jaw Strength and Eating Bones?

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    DefaultJaw Strength and Eating Bones?

    This is sort of a weird question. Those of you who feed raw and have more than 1 dog (possibly not a lab), do you notice a difference in the dog's jaw strengths?

    Chance and Hunter seem to be able to chew through some pretty tough bones when I feed them. Yogi, on the other hand, seems to have more of a problem, sort of like he doesn't have the strength the other 2 have. I'm sure Yogi isn't pure lab (which doesn't bother us because he's our boy and we love him) based on how short and sleek his coat is, he different muscle structure. I've always felt he was 1/2 lab and 1/2 Weim (he is built with quite a few similarities to a Weim). So I guess I'm basically wondering if Weim's have as much jaw strength as a lab?

    Tonight, the boys had pork necks. Chance chewed right through without any problem (he's normally done first anyway) and Hunter, the same (although he tends to enjoy his food). 35 minutes later, I'm still in the kitchen with Yogi while he's chewing his up. I've noticed this when they have chicken too.

    Should I look for "softer" meat bones for him? Am I making any sense?

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    DefaultRe: Jaw Strength and Eating Bones?

    Wow, 35 minutes ?? That seems like an awful long time ! I have 2 PB Labs and 2 Lab mixes .Mixed with what, I have NO idea. But they are both smaller, smaller in bone structure and their mouths and jaws are smaller that my PB's. They all normally finish about the same time. They all get the same thing in a meal, meaning if we are having chicken backs, then they ALL get chicken backs, so it's the same for all. Have you had his teeth checked ? Perhaps he has some issues there.......

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    DefaultRe: Jaw Strength and Eating Bones?

    Personally, I'd much rather have one that was careful and took their time then trying to swallow everything as quickly as possible.

    I find there's variance in what's being fed as well, in terms of the time it takes Baloo to eat it. A turkey wing will take him probably a good 20-30 minutes to get through, whereas turkey necks, and even half chickens and what not, take much less time.
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    DefaultRe: Jaw Strength and Eating Bones?

    You could take a mallet to his meal and pound it into a more easily chewed form, or you could grind the meat and bones through a meat grinder...

    I'd ask the vet to have a look at his teeth too. My 14 yo girl has to have her food softened now, as her teeth aren't in great condition..


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