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    DefaultRaw meal picture thread

    I think it would be really helpful to have a raw meal picture thread and sticky it. I know it got me really interested after seeing one on another board. How about it? Everyone post pics of your dog's raw meal or your dogs enjoying their raw meal.

    I'll start...

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    DefaultRe: Raw meal picture thread

    cool idea, I'll have to grab a pic tomorrow.

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    DefaultRe: Raw meal picture thread

    lol I have that plate!

    I don't have a dog on a raw diet..yet, but I do have pics of my ferrets eating a raw diet. I'll just post one pic, because this is a DOG raw feeding thred. However, the reason I'm posting this pic (even though its not a dog) is because I feel its helpful and enlightening to see a variety of domestic pets eating a raw diet. It makes uneasy newbie raw feeders feel that the diet they are embarking on is more "normal".

    BTW, I also found a pic of a cat (not mine) eating a raw meal on the internet. Here goes:

    Cat eating raw meal:


    Ferrets eating raw meal:

    Love,<br />Giuli<br /><br />


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