Why the capital letters?
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Thread: Why the capital letters?

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    DefaultWhy the capital letters?

    I get that BARF is an acronym, but why RAW instead of just raw? Is there some acronym I haven't heard?

    Just asking cause it always makes me giggle when I'm reading and see "And so I feed Jake RAW only for weeks and weeks" and in my head the word "raw" is screamed because it's in all caps

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    DefaultRe: Why the capital letters?

    I guess maybe some people got into the habit of calling it BARF and then switched to calling it RAW but keeping the capital letters? I find that more people call it raw feeding as apposed to BARF now days. I have never called it BARF.

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    DefaultRe: Why the capital letters?

    lol I didn't like the "BARF" term either. you should have seen the looks I got when I said I feed my animals "BARF" lol!!! Personally I call it RMB (raw meaty bones). Thats my fav term for describing the way I feed my ferrets.
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