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    I've lurked on here for a while and have decided to start out with some raw meals for Queenie. I've read up on it, but had a question (surprised?).

    My brother-in-law fishes, a lot! He always has tonnes of fish around that they never eat. He had asked when he heard about this raw feeding if we wanted it. As we have limited freezer space I wanted to know if it would be worthwhile to stock up on fish (Free!!) or if too much will hurt her?

    Queenie is 2 1/2, a healthy weight and seems to have a bit of an allergy to wheat (which prompted this search for something better). For kibble she is currently eating the pork and sweet potatoes with acidophilous sprinkled on top (in the am, because of her reoccuring ear problems).
    As I said I'm curious and it's free!

    Thanks a bundle, in advance.
    Jen and Queenie

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    Fish is great especially "whole". i feed my Gus whole fresh frozen sardines and mackerel. I feed it atleast twice a week usually partly frozen so it doesn't smell quite so fishy!

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    Ernie is on raw. I think it is good for them and if it is free then I would go for it.

    Ernie gets the itchys when he has wheat.

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    My dogs LOVE fish. I wish I fished, it would be lots of free food for my dogs. I feed Sardines and Mackral every week. My dogs also love Shrimp, but that gets pricey... I share it with them when I have it, but they don't get a meal of it


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