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    I'm hoping to get some advice. I've had my dogs on Innova regular dry (green bag) for about the last year or so. They were originally on Purina OM to lose weight because my vet thought that's what they should be on. I personally hated it they didn't do well on it, coats were extremely dry, etc. So I switched them to Innova regular. I've been thinking about whether there might be some benefit to switching to Innova Evo either regular or red meat and wanted to get any thoughts. I don't switch food lightly and I think they're doing pretty well on Innova. However, their stools are not very well formed, we have diaherrea issues from time to time, their coats seem a little dry, and they don't smell very good. I've been told that their coats should smell like freshy cut hay and they smell more like smelly dog - not horrible but not great. Any ideas? I've already had them checked out for allergies and there are no issues there. Is there another dog food I should be considering?

    I know that there are great health benefits to going raw, but I'm a vegetarian and I don't think I could handle that - at least not every day - maybe the occasional bone or something. I know it's ridiculous, there is meat in their dry food, and I'm a mean dog mom, but I would really prefer a dry food that doesn't look like it was once an animal. I really appreciate any suggestions.

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    DefaultRe: Advice re change in food

    Innova and Evo are good foods. I do feed Caleb Evo Red Meat when I don't feed raw. I know when Caleb had the yeast infection throughout his system, he had an odor to him, but at it left, the odor did, too. A friend of mine is a vegetarian and she feeds raw. That is what they were designed to eat. Evo has no barley or rice in it--potato instead. That makes a difference to some dogs. Their web site has a food comparison feature that might
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    DefaultRe: Advice re change in food

    i'm from canada, i am a raw feeder but for times when raw is not possible and before i switched i fed is a good food. Biologically appropriate with human grade, vet inspected ingredience and it has no grain. its made by mountain foods. Their website is

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    DefaultRe: Advice re change in food

    I can see how it might seem akward for you to feed raw. However, given that dogs are carnivores and not herbivores, I would give it a thought. You would love the benefits.

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    DefaultRe: Advice re change in food

    In terms of quality of ingredients, Innova is one of the best foods you can buy. However, just because it is top quality does not mean to say it will suit your dog. Foods like Innova are very ingredient dense and some dogs with sensitive systems cannot handle it. I think if your dog has persitant loose stools, dry coat/skin and a bad doggy smell, something is not working for him.

    If you are vegetarian I can see how feeding raw would not appeal to you. Have you thought about pre packaged raw? it is not as good as the real thing (just IMO), but it is a fantastic alternative. Pre packaged raw with weekly marrow bones for teeth might work wonders...


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