Dogs feed on table scraps
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Thread: Dogs feed on table scraps

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    DefaultDogs feed on table scraps

    While I was away friends were talking about dried versus raw. I am concerned about what I feed Ernie. No one else was with their dog. Makes me think I pamper him too much.

    Here are some dogs who have not had good food and they lived till ripe old age. Not one of them had dried food. In fact none of the owners bothered much about what they feed, or when.

    A minitaure poodle (awful thing it was too ) is 15 and feed junk. I mean table scraps, cake etc.

    A neighbours 2 dogs lived on vegetables, helped them selves from the rubbish bins and lived until they were 15.

    My B.I.L had an 16 year old pure bred Lab dog who was feed table scraps.

    My brother fed his pure bred Dalmation table scraps. She was healthy and a few months ago at the age of 14 they let her go as her arthritis was getting bad.

    We used to have a mongrel dog that got left overs, and that horrible dog roll stuff and she was 20 when I let her go.

    I am sure there are dogs on dried food who live as long.
    Perhaps it is more the dog or luck than the food we feed them. Kassa was feed dried and died from cancer at 3.

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    DefaultRe: Dogs feed on table scraps

    Until there are scientific studies done on the effects (especially in regards to longevity of life) of raw vs. kibble, it is is hard to say. Kibble certainly doesn't equal a deathwish and likewise feeding raw or cooked won't necessarily mean your dog lives until a ripe old age. I think it is part luck, part genetics, part what you feed, part how naturally healthy the dog is, how well the dog is treated, etc. A mixture of everything basically.

    I have known dogs that have been fed on pure crap (terrible store brand foods) but they still lived to old age. My grandads dog lived until he was a ridiculous age and he was fed on junk. So yep, there is no "one" answer.

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    DefaultRe: Dogs feed on table scraps

    Yep, I have to agree with Trickster. I did have this discussion with the vet I used to work for. Because i had older relatives that used to tell me I was crazy for buying special food for my dogs diet. They claimed "back in their day" their dogs lived to be well into their teens and ate table scraps and whatever other garbage they could find. My vet said, while it is perfectly understandable for a dog to survive on table scraps and garbage, its just not healthy. Take ppl for example. Homeless ppl sometimes will eat scrap and stuff that we wouldn't even feed our dogs. But they live, maybe not as healthy as we do, but they live. The dogs that eat table scraps probably vomit more and have more upset stomachs, but they live. I think you see where I am going with this now.

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    DefaultRe: Dogs feed on table scraps

    IMO - table scapes are better than some junky kibble, i'd rather feed my dog from the kitchen slop pail than feed puppy chow for example and back in the "old days" you didn't here about all the strange cancers and things that you do now. Its the same for humans - fast food age and look at all the medical problems this world faces - obesity - # 1 - i don't think cake is a good choice but some chicken,pork or beef, potatoes, noodles,veggies, egg shells, or whatever is better than the sludge that is in ALOT of commercial dog foods.

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    DefaultRe: Dogs feed on table scraps

    First of all, miniature and toy poodles do live longer, as do most smaller breeds. My personal belief is with table scraps there are not the artifical colors and preservatives and not the high ratio of corn and wheat, for the most part. Just like us, we are finding that a lot of the artifical preservatives and colors in our foods help promote certain diseases. I think if one can just get their dogs off the artifical stuff and the high carbohydrates, they would be much better off. Even if the old farm dogs were fed scraps of bread, the ratio of that would be rather small compared to the rest of the food they were getting.
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    DefaultRe: Dogs feed on table scraps

    Do not feed your dogs Cake and why I say this is my grandmother had to take her lab to the vet on Monday because doc said he got sick from eating chocolate cake and that is why you are not suppose to feed them cake

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    DefaultRe: Dogs feed on table scraps

    There is a big difference between thriving and surviving

    To err is human:To forgive, canine."
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    DefaultRe: Dogs feed on table scraps

    I have to agree with Trickster, there really is no clear answer and anyone that gives you one, I think, is being less than truthful.

    There are a lot of good kibbles out there, especially compared to what was available just 10 years ago. There are even grain-free kibbles if that's your prerogative. Conversely, I've seen people feed raw diets thinking they were doing something good, but they didn't do their research and were feeding woefully inadequate diets.

    There really are two approaches to feeding - the balanced, everyday, complete diet, and those that try to emulate what evolution has done. The problem with the latter is that most of us can't do that. We can't feed live animals, allow the dog to hunt, and eat 100% natural foods. Probably the next best is feeding organic foods, but even animals raised and slaughtered organically share some of the same characteristics of commercially raised livestock...and the nutrient profile can be different than a purely "wild" animal.

    As for the former, as evidenced by the evolving AAFCO standards, we're still learning what exactly is required. It's hard to imagine that what research has discovered is complete and that what's in kibble is a complete replacement for the diet the dog evolved to eat.

    So what's a person to do? It's really a personal choice. I don't think anyone can honestly say that feeding one diet over the other is a guarantee that your dog will live X number of years longer. If you choose to feed kibble, find a high quality, nutritious kibble. If you choose to feed raw, do your homework and feed a balanced meal...ideally organic meats if available to eliminate the use of antibiotics, hormones, and/or other preservatives and additives.


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