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Thread: Size of bones?

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    Hey guys-
    So Penny's been eating turkey wings and necks, plus organ meats a couple times, as well as pureed veggies w/ground meat, yogurt and occasionally an egg once a day for the last week. Do your dogs eat bigger bones than that - like chicken/turkey leg bones? What about beef ribs? What is the range of bone size that you're comfortable with? Thanks,


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    My dogs have eaten pretty much every type of bone at some point...

    I guess it boils down to what you are comfortable with.

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    yep same here. the only bones to stay away from are weight bearing bones from large herbivores. (leg bones from cattle, elk, horses, etc. This is because these leg bones are very dense and hard and often have a triangle edge section to them that can cause broken teeth. These are often called rec (recreation) bones and are often sold but really should be avoided. I also prefer that any bone be covered in meat.

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