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Thread: Do you think it will help

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    DefaultDo you think it will help

    Mercedes will be 2 in Feb, I just took her to the vet yesterday, Her ears were infected again, and itching. Itching like crazy, They gave her a steroid shot, 50 tabs of prednisone (twice a day), More ear medicine. This has been the 2nd or 3rd time we have been their for the same problems, They said they wanted to try a few things in the near future,
    1. Switch her dog food for 3 months at a time, Right now she is eating Iams.
    2. Allergy Shots, to see what she is allergic too.
    They said the whole process should take about a year. I just started reading about a raw diet and like what I'm Reading so far. So I ask, do dogs really go through a metamorphic like change when put on a raw diet, I know all dogs are different but has anyone had similar problems. Thanks All in advance

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    DefaultRe: Do you think it will help

    Do you have any idea what she is allergic to? feeding raw can be literally life changing for a dog with food allergies and/or serious intolerance's. I don't know if it will make a difference to environmental allergies. So really, until you know exactly what her problem it is hard to say.

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    DefaultRe: Do you think it will help

    It depends on if it's a food allergy or not. I absolutely noticed a HUGE improvement in Riley's ears after switching to raw. He still gets one every so often from swimming (or Oreo obsessively licking in his ear) but the chronic infections have disappeared.

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    DefaultRe: Do you think it will help

    If you don't want to switch to raw food I would at least switch to a food that doesn't include corn or wheat - Iams has both, if I'm not mistaken. I've known several dogs who were totally cleared of recurrent ear infections by switching to a corn-free, wheat-free dog food.

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    DefaultRe: Do you think it will help

    The raw diet has helped a lot with Caleb's ears but I had to totally eliminate corn and wheat from his diet before his ears cleared up. Oh, peanut butter, too.
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