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    well i am a new raw feeder and currently i have only Riley my 11 yr.old toy poodle to feed. We have been exclusive raw for three days but he had not ate any bones, I've offered (chicken back and neck)but he wouldn't he just looked at it, so i ripped the meat off myself so he'd eat but today i offered the chicken neck for breakie, after 10-15 mins i put if back in fridge, at supper i gave it again and i held it for him and he ate it!!! ;D he is small only 9 pounds and his teeth are not in great shape bit he crunched and tore and chewed and ate the whole thing...i think he really liked it but doesn't quite now how to "hold" it in his paws as he's never been fed this naturally before!
    i bring my labby home on the 28th, (SO EXCITED i just want Christmas to be over)he is strictly fed the barf diet by his breeder and so i have been reading non stop and of course i want my poodle to have the same benefits. after feeding him for so long on "not so good quality stuff" i hope this will make him happy.

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    DefaultRe: first chicken neck

    My SIL has Bichones. she feeds them chicken necks. they love them. I am sure your poodle will learn to love them too. I think it is a different texture and feel to other food, so a matter of getting used to it.

    It is so exciting to ge a new Labby. Look forward to seeing pics.

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    DefaultRe: first chicken neck

    I think it is a different texture and feel to other food, so a matter of getting used to it.
    Yup...this is pretty much it. Your poodle's reaction to the raw food was typical of a kibble fed dog. If you persist he will learn to love it.

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    DefaultRe: first chicken neck

    Awww congrats!!!

    Ender looks at his first meal like "what's this?" and started to lick away... finally he experimented with his teeth and ... *whoomph* it was gone. Haven't looked back since.


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