Lab with itchy ears and pads of her feet
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Thread: Lab with itchy ears and pads of her feet

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    DefaultLab with itchy ears and pads of her feet

    Can someone help me with this problem? I've fed BARF many, many years ago but I'm sure there's new info now.

    Missy, a Lab that adopted us 2 years ago, has cost me a fortune in Vet bills. Her ears are always itching and swollen, she scratches till they bleed and she holds her head to the side. Between the pads of her feet, under her foot, sometimes have sores because she chews on them.

    The Vet has given me different meds and washes to put in them and she's on an allergy med for life. It works for a month or so and stops. I was told to take her off of chicken based food. That hasn't helped either.

    I don't know what else to do. I can't afford $140 every 2 weeks for Vet bills.

    Has anyone else had these problems with their Lab and fixed it through food? If so, can you give me details on how to feed raw and make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs. She's about 4 years old and very healthy except that I'm doing the slow treatment for heartworms that she came to me with. No signs of them other than blood work.
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    My now 11 year old black lab had the same troubles for the first 3-4 years. Then I took him off all grain (rice was ok) and immediate cure! There are plenty of grain free foods out there. Removed wheat corn soy. I suggest giving it a try.

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    How long did it take before you noticed an improvement?

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    My boy got sick, unrelated to allergies but he was on Atopica. We went to a new Holistic Intergrative Vet who put him on a novel single protein, single carb both cooked. We stopped all meds. He got better AND he didn't itch. We were sure his allergies were seasonal environmental since he only itched in summer no matter which food he was on. But when we went home cooked novel protein and carb his illness improved and his itchies stopped.

    Then we went full raw at the Vet's urging, still no itchies but by then it was winter and he didn't ever itch in winter anyway. Then he got sick again and a different Internal Specialist Vet wanted him on a limited ingredient kibble. So, since I was payingher mega bucks for her advice, we did, and, still no itching. His blood work is still not quite right, though he looks and acts prefectly healthy, so we are still on that kibble and he is still not itching. He is also getting TCM and acupuncture so it's hard to say which is the more effective in his itiches. And, a friend sees the same Holistic Vet and is also doing TCM for her itchy Lab and it's not helping her dog.

    So there you go, no guarantees. Before you try switching foods I suggest one of the tests to see which foods it might be that she is reacting to. We did the Nutriscan Saliva test but I've heard good things about Glacier Peaks, which tests for more things. More money for you to spend but you might find a good result sooner and save your dog some itching. At the very least, in hindsight, I would go for a single novel protein and carb and that's going to be hard to find with kibble. Good luck

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