Homemade Food Ideas for Lab
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Thread: Homemade Food Ideas for Lab

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    DefaultHomemade Food Ideas for Lab

    I have a 10 year old lab who has a allergies to all grains. Every week I made his food which consists of green bean, carrots, cauliflower and a mixture of ground beef and ground turkey. I also mix in some kibble which is a lamb and chickpeas.

    I'm thinking about eliminating the kibble and just giving him strictly homemade food but am wondering if any of the above ingredients can cause allergies in dogs also? I just feel bad for the poor guy. He just had his blood checked as a senior dog and everything came back fine so I'm sure the meds he is on are fine.

    I'm hoping someone can tell me if what I'm making is sufficient for him or if there is a better recipe that is totally grain free? I've looked online and can't seem to find any that are a good fit. I do add a multivitamin, joint medication, and thyroid medication to his food.

    I appreciate any help!

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    As long as you don't go with one of those vegan diets in your pup you're all right by me

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