Hi all!
I had been feeding our dogs flint river potato and trout for several years due to our older labrador having an allergy and did very well. Our older labrador passed away back in May due to mouth cancer. Now we have a 7 month old labrador who is about 40+ pounds and thriving, except for one thing - her butt! She had been having anal gland issues, and fish breath - so we added some green beans to her dinner and the issue went away, so we switched her to flint river duck & oatmeal, and the issues, including fish breath, went away.....the problem, it's about $20 MORE/month than the trout and potato, and we would love to find a cheaper, high quality alternative.

So I had forgotten to increase the food delivery frequency and was going to run out of food, so I added Wellness chicken dry to the mix to lengthen the time to get to delivery...well, guess what - anal gland smell is back! YUK!!!!!

So I am guessing she needs a high fiber diet. Can anyone recommend something that will cost roughly the same (we pay about $80 for 40lbs/food). Our other dog does not have any sensitivity, but remember pretty bad gas when she was on grain food as a pup, but have not noticed it since mixing it with the wellness.

Our breeder did feed Fromms - though did like the GMO free option of the Wellness. Heard Taste of the Wild may be one of the highest in fiber foods.

Thoughts & suggestions welcome!

Thank you,