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    We have a 4 month old Chocolate lab and since she was 6 weeks old we have been feeding her Pedigree Puppy and then we basically found out that is really is NOT a great food to be feeding your puppy because it has so many fillers and stuff they do not need.

    My wife and I came across the brand Authority at Petsmart and we were just curious if anyone else has used this food and what their opinion is on it. We got the Authority Grain Free Puppy. Also, if you have any recommendations on any other foods (preferably kibble) that would be a good choice that is not $80 a bag. I would love to feed her Wellness or Blue Buffalo quality food but we just can't afford it.

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Did you get her from a breeder? What were they feeding?

    A lot of people here feed their puppies Pro Plan or Royal Canin. At 6 months of age, you can very likely switch her to adult food. I fed ProPlan Performance for a long time and just recently switched to Royal Canin Maxi Adult. My picky eater LOVES it. Neither of these are grain-free, but a good grain-free diet is not cheap. Kolby currently eats Canidae PureLand, which around here is about $70/bag. He has done really well on it, but the other dogs don't need the grain-free, so he's the only one who gets it.

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    As much as I dislike the price I use Blue Buffalo

    look here, this may help. dogfoodadvisor

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    Mine does very well on ProPlan, We tried more expensive foods and never got solid poop. For the price I am very happy with ProPlan, and we get great rebates and $25 towards vet visits with saving our weight circles.
    Smokey 4/25/2012

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