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    QuestionPrepping to go RAW

    Hi all, We are preparing to go RAW and have found a small butcher who will special order 40lb containers of chicken back and neck for a great deal. I realize there will be more needs as we work our way though the prey model. We were just 2 labs parents but recently adopted a great dane as well! Jake has struggled with health issues with his liver so we are waiting to confirm his liver is healthy enough to move him to RAW, after 6 weeks we will have an answer next week!!!

    So the point to my post as I have read through many raw postschere..looked some on a dane forum but it's not as informative! I am just wondering what top things people learned while beginning prey model and any do's or don'ts that stand out? Any advice to ensuring the nutrition is good? Lastly, of all the things my kids eat they do not like fish; any way it's prepared...will this be a deal breaker with this model or is it simply supplemented with fish oil or something if we can't get them to eat fish?

    Thanks for any advice,


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    I feed Dixie raw food and I think she does extremely well on it. Her coat is shiny, her paws are supple, her teeth are free of tartar and plaque (from chewing on raw bones), her gums are healed, her bowel movement is finally firm and she has no offensive body or breath odor! With other foods her coat would be dull, her paws would be rough and cracking, her teeth got tartar and plaque buildup, her gums were sore and bleeding, her bowel movement was runny and her odor was difficult to smell .

    She gets beef and liver. The other day, I gave her just some beef in the morning (she usually gets both in the morning and evening), and she sniffed her bowl, then picked up her beef and set it aside, and sniffed. Then, without moving her head from her bowl, she looked at me. It seemed she was like, "Hmm, I don't smell it. Maybe it is under the beef. I don't smell it! Hey, where is my liver!?!"

    Yesterday, I got her some deer meat and she flatly refused to eat it. I don't know why.
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