Flea and Tick Preventative? Unvaccinated dogs?
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Thread: Flea and Tick Preventative? Unvaccinated dogs?

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    DefaultFlea and Tick Preventative? Unvaccinated dogs?

    First I had Spike on Advantix - In May ( 8 mos old) he caught kennel cough from daycare, had a couple of seizures, we found out he had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and ended up with kidney issues (his numbers are getting better but a snail can beat them in a foot race). Switched him over to Frontline and his demeanor was better - not so itchy, high strung, etc. Was using frontline no problem but he has "fainting spells" now and then that there are no rhyme or reason to. So after this last bath (about a week ago) I haven't put anything on him and he looks significantly happier, he's mellower, etc. We have been getting the yard sprayed (I think he picked up the "bad" tick from the yard. ANYWAY The vet thinks his kidney issues were caused by a vaccination reaction and doesn't want him to be vaccinated in the future (which sucks because he loves daycare). What can you tell me about unvaccinated dogs and/or a natural flea and tick preventative? Thanks


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    Not vaccinating him in the future does not make him unvaccinated. Much of the protection he gained with his puppy vax remains in his system. I don't plan to vaccinate Diesel anymore as he is medically fragile and am not worried about his immunity given his "other" dog contact is with known dogs.

    I also never used flea preventative and never had a problem. We comb out the dogs after any woods excursions to find/remove any ticks. I don't have a flea or tick problem in the yard. No fleas on my dogs in 25 plus years.
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    Personally, I would want to investigate the cause of his problems, not sure it is preventative related. Re; the day care and vaccination, talk to the owners of the day care (not just the receptionist). Where I work, technically all day care dogs 'must' be up to date on all vaccinations. However, none of the employees dogs get yearly vacs, and the owner will on a one to one basis advise against it. The yearly vac recommendation is solely for liability reasons.

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    Many vets say that after the puppy series, plus an additional parvo and rabies, it is not necessary to revaccinate except for rabies. Some dogs do react to Rabies vaccine. Ask if that could be the problem. As far as stupid fleas are concerned, we have been at war with them this year! Too many mild winters. Our vet is singing the praises of Comfortis. I have the pills, but haven't given them as yet. My Sophie is allergic to something we are trying to weed out what. She has thinning hair and itches alot. I am wondering about the Advantix we put on her. We used Frontline Plus 2 times before the Advantix and I think the fleas loved it! Didn't do a thing! It's so hard to know what to do, isn't it.... Pam

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