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    DefaultDehydrated Raw Food

    I think I've finally found Bean's kibble. It's been quite a hassle finding him something that won't cause itchies and flakes, and the soft poop was driving me nuts.
    Thanks to the folks at a new holistic pet supply store in town, I tried Canine Caviar Lamb and Pearl Millet. There is no transition time required with this food.

    A free sample pack last week impressed me with the instantly firm stool, but the small portions made Bean think he was getting ripped off, so I went with a different brand. Big mistake- just the small amount added to his regular food caused the poor guy to have diarrhea in his crate yesterday.

    I high-tailed it to the store before closing time and got some CC. Nearly perfect stool this AM, and adding a little water to his kibble seems to improve satiety. The food is supposed to be like a dehydrated raw diet using ingredients fit for human consumption.
    Does anyone have long term experience with Canine Caviar?

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    I don't, but after heading to the petstore yesterday, I picked up some free samples of I believe Sojo? Same idea, was dehydrated food. Reminded me alot of Ramen noodles, without the noodles. This one you had to hydrate overnight, so seemed it would be a bit of a learning curve if you forgot to hydrate the food. Good luck with the food, looking forward to hearing how it works for you.

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    I feed Honest Kitchen and the Volhard diet as dehydrated "raw." (not what some folks refer to kibbles as dehydrated raw). I really like the results in my kids. Every once in a while I need to add Satin Balls to a meal or two. as my dogs tend toward the thinner side.

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