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    I have a 4 month old Chocolate lab named Ollie. He is on a kibble diet and I am very interested in starting to mix in Raw Meats in his diet. Anyone have recomendations on how to start and with what meats??

    Thanx in advance!!

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    What meats do you have access to? Would you be able to feed one meal of raw a few times a week, or everyday? I would suggest NOT mixing the raw & kibble together in one meal. The reason for this is that the two digest at different rates...and it can cause some digestive upset. I have fed them mixed before without any issues, but its advised not to if you can avoid it.

    I'd start out with bone in chicken. Chicken quarters or backs are a great thing to start out with. You may want to remove the skin and make sure there are no organs attached for starting out.

    Have you read about the raw diet? Do you know how much to feed, etc? I can help you get started, just share with me what questions you have.
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