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    I fed the dog that I found a raw meal today. She got chicken wings, a small slice of breast, and I gave her some of the gizzards. She was a bit skeptical at first. She wasn't chewing the wings, she just kind of picked them up, dropped them, licked them, etc. Eventually, I got her to chew through the wings and I think she liked them, but she was so confused. She licked the gizzards, but would not eat them. Any suggestions for how to give her next meal? I think tomorrow I will give her a leg for breakfast, but i want to make sure she is getting the nutrients from the organs that she needs. Her poop after the meal was normal and she is acting happy.

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    Don't introduce any organs until you have a few proteins introduced to her. I didn't give my dogs any organs until they had eaten and done well with 3 proteins. Over about a month period, this is just fine.

    Gizzards aren't technically "organ meat" but they are more rich than muscle meat.
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