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    DefaultForum Resurrection? ;)

    It's been a week or so since anyone had anything to say on raw...

    Roscoe was turning up her nose at her puppy food this evening (I would have too, blech.) We've were planning on feeding our dog raw, when we got one... Roscoe was a bit of a surprise and I had no time to shop... but I had some raw chicken breast in the fridge... I gave her two strips, she ate it all but a couple of bites. Now she's napping.

    Anyway... thought I'd poke my nose in and say "Hello!"

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    Hello! I feed half raw, half kibble. It's working well for my dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joflake View Post
    Hello! I feed half raw, half kibble. It's working well for my dogs.
    Cool! Do you feed raw and kibble together in a meal or separate it throughout the day?

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    They must be separated. Dogs do not have the ability to digest grains and vegetable matter so the pH of their stomach must change drastically to compensate and the loss of acidity makes them more susceptible to bacteria in the meat (and in the kibble). Furthermore, a raw meal would normally pass through their digestive tract in about four hours whilst kibble can take 16 hours. The more time the meat sits in the GI tract, the greater the risk of illness (this is why we as humans must cook meat and can not handle gamey meat: it sits in our GI tract much longer as we are omnivores, not carnivores like our dogs)

    Well here are some new topics that might help you to forego the kibble completely. First, the flouride amount in kibbles is on average, five times as high as the 'safe' levels recommended for humans. High flouride content causes osteosarcoma, hormone and thyroid disruptions.

    There is also an interesting study that finally shows that dogs fed a fresh diet live on average three years longer than kibble fed dogs. Dogs fed a combination of both lived only one year longer on average.

    To err is human:To forgive, canine."
    - Anonymous

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    Gosh I haven't been here in a loooog while. Thanks for the links to the studies, Dana. It is good to FINALLY see a study showing the improved longevity!


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