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    DefaultFeeding labs

    Kera is a year today. I thought Labs ate anything...guess that only goes with what they should not have.
    We have almost no problems with dry food but she likes it with some goodies on it. I didnot want to do this, but now she is eating a cup of dry twice a day on normal days. About 1/2 can of a tuna can size of food. She is looking beautiful, shiny coat, good waist and ribs.
    My Problem is Kera sometimes decides not to eat. Usually it is one meal. Then she is at her mealtime, waiting for us to feed her. Today, I guess we were supposed to grill steaks but We put her food in front of her with a home made stew ... she ate some of the dry mix but left half the food sitting. Picked it up, offered again but Not in the mood.
    I am trying to learn some feeding tips so we would love to know if your dogs go thru this. We vary treats thru the day but do not bunch up around meal times. Using treats for behavior, fun. Eating times are usually between 6 am and 6 pm. I like a schedule and it does vary within an hour.
    Plenty of fresh water.
    I have fed her home food, but she had gotten 'bored' with that. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I'm sorry to have to tell you this - but you have created your own monster. If you add in high value goodies to her food, she'll hold you hostage to always doing that. You can quite easily make your dog a very picky eater this way.

    It's best to simply feed a good quality dry food - leave it out for 15 minutes - if she does not eat it, pick it up and offer it again at the next meal. She WILL NOT starve herself, I can assure you.

    Or keep doing what you are doing for the rest of her life. Believe me I have been there with a breed that is known for pickiness. Labs are typically NOT picky eaters unless you make that happen. My younger Lab did go through a period of turning up his nose at his food - and it was not a problem with the food as my other Lab inhaled it. He got over it in a few days by using the method I described.
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    Ernies previous owners left a big container of food out for him and he grazed when he wanted to, which was usually late afternoon. When he came to live with me it is breakfast and dinner. He would pick away at breakfast so I stopped putting it out. He had to wait until 6pm. A few days of this and he ate when I put his food down.

    Gemma sometimes doesn't like the food she loved the day before so I just take it away and by dinner time she is hungry enough to eat it. Often when the bag is finished I buy a bag of something she had months ago and she eats it.

    In our house treats are treats. For training or certain things. I prefer this so they don't get used to them and they are a treat to enjoy.

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    tank inhales his food and bentley takes his time.But my moms dog (mutt) she used to not eat her food and would only want to eat human food and my mom gave it to her (ugg) it drove me insane.so when my mom wasnt home she wouldnt eat.So what i did was talked to my mom about it and she stoped feeding her so meal time was 1 cup in the morining around 5 since that is the time i get up,and then at 7 o clock now she is a little dog so dont freak that she only gets one cup.. i would do what another one said if she doesnt eat in 15 min take it away she wont starve but my dog as maltese and shi-tzu in her so she was more stubborn and lost 5 pounds but labs wont do it..
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    Some of the problem was there when we brought her home, Vet and I discussed.
    Others with Retreivers said theirs did best with mix, dry/wet.
    I wanted just Proplan as all my Rotties were brought up on it. German and Belgian Shepherd loved to eat (Rescues)
    Kera is good weight compared to other siblings. Will take steps to try suggestions. Did the take away try again...but she will ignore. Then she waits till morning.
    Treats are for training and praise as general rule. But we do give a choice piece of left over for special reward (never at table). Used the homemade liver bits when she was small for rewards, by summer prefer dry. We are relearning, 25 years since lil paws ran around here. Thanks

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