Eggs and raw diet
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Thread: Eggs and raw diet

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    DefaultEggs and raw diet

    We would like to start our 2 yr. old lab on a raw diet and need info. about eggs. We have chickens & a plentiful supply of eggs, so we would like to start there.

    Can eggs be fed on a daily basis? If so, how many? Since our girls has had a yeast infection...may have a compromised immunity, should we start with cooked eggs?

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    I would tell you to not feed raw. There are a lot of issues with raw... e.coli, salmonella; you have to supplement veggies and other nutrients to exact amounts. Royal Canin--Labrador 30 is my preference; this diet is all natural, specifically formulated for Labs... the kibble is shaped in a way that the dog has to actually chew it as opposed to inhaling their food. The diet has all the nutritional needs, and has glucosamine. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO SUPPLEMENT OTHER NUTRIENTS ON THIS DIET. Oh, and don't worry about corn in the diet. Dogs cannot have an allergy to corn, like they can with wheat. If you believe they can have an allergy with corn, do you believe in science or voodoo?

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    Since you have your own chickens they are much less likely to carry salmonella or other problems that are associated with factory chickens. i feed both hardboiled eggs (less messy) and raw eggs. One of the greatest myths about feeding dogs is that they must be fed exact amounts of things. Remarkably dogs do not need carbohydrates, or many other things that dog food companies add as fillers to dog food.
    One of the problems with feeding a prepackaged dog food is that they often are contaminated by salmonella and other things that they say dangerous. One advantage of feeding raw and feeding human grade food is that any recalls are announced rather quickly.
    One thing you might ask yourself is how exact do you control what you eat? do you eat exactly the right portions of everything? do you eat all the right nutrients every day? Carnivores are a little more felxible in their diet than us. A variety of things in a diet is always better than eating exactly the same thing every day, and fresh food is always better than processed food, just ask your own doctor.
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    First, this thread is about those of us that choose to feed raw, so if you don't agree, don't come to this thread. Second, how uninformed can you possibly be? Corn is a huge issue for many dogs. Where are you getting this incorrect information? Please cite your sources. What is natural about kibble? NOTHING! I suggest you do some more research before posting such an uninformed opinion. There are more issues with salmonella and recalls on commercial kibble than with raw.

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    If you have a holistic vet that supports raw, or a vet that supports raw.....I'd ask them. With the compromised immune system, that just makes me a little nervous about raw in general. Have you already been feeding raw or just looking into getting started?

    Normally, I'd say eggs are great! We feed eggs a few times a week, with the shell. I'm not knowledgable in that area of raw feeding an immune compromised dog. Sorry!
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