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    DefaultHills Science Prescription Diet Ultra Z/D

    Does anyone know about this Diet?

    Basicly my Darla is Atopic and I have been prescribed The Hills Prescription Diet to treat her skin irritations.

    I want to know if this diet actually works or not? It is very expensive and I want to know if it is a balanced diet (Like it says it is).

    Is there anything else i can be doing to help her allergies??

    Any thoughts?? Experience??

    Karen & Darla
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    Our vet prescribed this to Sami a few years back when we were trying to figure out her allergy situation. But we only had her on it temporarily.... Basically to see if the change to a hypoallergenic food would improve her paw chewing. It did, so once she had been on it for a while and she was all clear of the previous allergens we got her on a better quality food. After trying about every premium food with and without grains, she's on Wellness Core fish formula and has been doing better on this then with anything. But our vet only suggested we have her on the Z/D for a while with his goal for us to find her a permanent food.
    In looking at the ingredients in Z/D while she was on it, it's not the most complete diet out there. I'm not sure if it's intended to be a permanent solution as it looks like it's lacking in just about every category. It was good for us for a short time… But I wouldn’t feed it to her permanently.

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    You might want to move this to the "lab health and nutrition" section, as I think you'll find that the folks who post in here don't have a high opinion of science diet, or kibble in general.
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