I have a two year old yellow lab, Cooper who was diagnosed with ME at the age of 10 weeks. He is now 2 years old YA! He was starting to do very poorly and we didn't think he was going to make it. I switched him to raw, the pre-made patties about a month ago and he has improved so much. My question is I want to keep him on the raw, as it is working great, but very expensive to buy the premade kind. I just purchase some buld ground beef and chicken, which includes bones and organs, now I am not sure what to add to it to make sure it has enough nutrition in it for him. I have heard, vitamins, oils etc.... any suggestions. ME is basically and enlarged esophagus that has a sack by his heart, food gets stuck there and he regurgitates, so must eat standing up. Also, as he gets older if the food doesn't digest fast enough, there seems to be an acid build up and he throws up all night, this is where the raw is helping, it digests fast and is low in fat.

Thanks for any help.