~~ now in its 6th year ~~

We hold a Saturday afternoon, 2-3 PM, weekly LabFest almost regardless of weather (except we cancel for lightning & tornados in our immediate time and vicinity). More people come in good weather, fewer in extreme cold, wind, rain, snow, etc.

We range from as few as 3 Labs; we've had as many as 13.

You can use MapQuest http://www.mapquest.com to get maps and driving directions to either of our areas. Both areas are close to I-470 (the southern Interstate loop around Topeka) and easy to get to.

Winter location:
During most of the Central Standard Time period, we meet in a fenced-in softball field (Major Palm field & park) with a driveway entrance just east of the driveway entrance to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 1821 SW 37th St. These are close to the Interstate (I-470) exits and located between SW Burlingame Road (Xit) and SW Topeka Blvd (Xit). Park at the gate at the corner of right field.

Non-winter location:
During most of the Central Daylight Time period, we meet under a grove of pine trees in the Big Shunga Park located just to the north of SW 29th St, between SW Gage Blvd. and SW Burlingame Rd. (This is easily accessed from the Gage exit from I-470.) We use the parking lot of the office building at 2400 SW 29th St. Leash your Lab and walk west on the sidewalk until you can see a grove of mature pine trees to your Northeast. Then cut across the field to join us. This area is not fenced but most Labs love to play with each other and stay in the area of their peeps. A few Labs are solo explorers and if they also won't respond to your commands they may not be suitable to bring. Distance from the parking lot to the area we use is about two football fields away.

What to bring:
Please bring 2 quarts/liters of water for each Lab to share in the community watering pot. 1 gal/4 liters if your Lab takes sponge baths.

Please bring pick-up bags for your dog's poops. At our winter setting, we pick up all poop our dogs make in the ballfield or just outside of it. At the Shunga park, we pick up poop at the parking area and around the area where people sit and Labs & kids play but not across the field coming or going.

Most people bring a lightweight folding chair. Some also often bring Training Dummies/bumpers and take turns slinging them for the Labs to fetch. In the shade of the pine trees, there's usually a breeze and even on hot days it's quite tolerable.

Dress for whatever the weather: umbrella, parka & long johns, rain suits, whatever. In any iffy weather, we'll have a weather radio that gives emergency information specific to Topeka (S.A.M.E./Specific Area Message Encoding).

What NOT to bring:
Please do not bring an unspayed female in heat, or a Lab with communicable health problems, or one which is aggressive or unsociable with other dogs.

For more information:
PM me if you intend to come so I can contact you if there are any changes. (2X during the summer, we use an alternate location because a Disc Golf tournament uses our area. In winter, if the outfield at the ballpark gets too muddy, we move somewhere else.)